Video Gallery

Looking for sample? Simply contact me for multiple options. Here are just a few samples in my various categories of video editing, mixing and preservation.

Club Video Remixes & Megamix Videos...

You've heard the amazing DJ mix, but what if that same mix could be reworked into a video format?  It's being done by many VJ's, and here are some samples of my creations.


The vj chris Video remix of Jim's Edge of the 80s Medley Pt. 1 - My latest 80's Video Remix with Classics from Men Without Hats, New Order, Madness, The Clash and Many More!


The 1980's Megavideo Mix! They're All Here - The Human League, Pet Shop Boys, Culture Club, Falco Devo, The Go-Go's and Many More!


Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" (CHEW FU Festival Mix - vj chris video remix)

Specialty Events and Edits...

My recent work includes capturing and mixing events related to New Jersey and Philadelphia Pride Festivals.

2014 Pride Parade and Festival Philadelphia - vj chris Photo & Video Montage "Independence Mix"


Emotional, Personal & In Memoriam Productions...

Reaching inside to pull at your heartstrings, these videos features tributes, memorials and memories of various events or places.  Features everything from my Hurricane Sandy Tribute to the New Jersey Shore, and a 20 year retrospect for the former nightclubs of Trikkx-Rumours.

New Jersey Shore VJ Chris Hurricane Sandy Tribute Video 2012 - "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Linda Eder

In Memory of Patrick Swayze - The Ghost Montage featuring Unchained Melody

Trikkx-Rumours VJ Chris Video Memoir (1986 to 2007)

Video Memorial Following the 35W Bridge Collapse, Minneapolis 2007


Rare Video Archives...

Many of these gems come from old VHS (or even 8mm film) that I collected or saved.  It's a very time consuming process to convert from old recordings to digital, and of course the quality is of the time period.

From 1990, the CUHS (Community for Unity Hope and Survival Holds an AIDS Benefit Show at Rumours.  This Clip Saved from an Old VHS Tape features "Lean On Me".

Actual Video I Captured On My Full Size GE Camcorder While Walking the Boardwalk at Seaside Heights - in 1990.

1991 Christmas Drag Show from the Tally-Ho Bar in Lancaster Pennsylvania - A Performance Featuring the Haunting Song by Erasure "She Won't Be Home"

1975 Centennial Parade, Bayville NJ from My Jersey Shore Memories Collection.  Most 70's or Earlier Video Was Captured on 8MM (without Sound) by My Father.  These Were Later Transferred from 8mm to VHS to DVD, then to Digital.

The Stonewall Trilogy (1969 to 2009)...

In 2009, I created a 3 part 30-minute video in celebration of 40 years since the Stonewall Riots in New York City.  Links are available to provide you the opportunity to see all 3 videos.  Just contact me for more information!

40 Years of Pride - a vj chris Video Creation

Segment 1 - The Early Years, 1969 to 1979

Segment 2 - the 1980's

Segment 3 - 1990's to 2009

Purely Raw Series...

Sometimes I just take video I captured and share it "as recorded".  No editing, no effects, just raw video.  Here's one example from my London trip in 2013.

Piccadilly Circus, London West End, Late Night

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The Best Experience is vj chris Live @ Your Venue...

Over 20,000 videos in my collection, from professional subscriptions services like Promo Only, ETV and Screenplay.

And 10,000+ in digital format on a 2 TB Fantom HD, plus over 300 specialty videos in the vj chris folder alone!

Dozens of sample and demo videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

From vintage home video of the 60's and 70's to remixes of current and classic videos and all kinds of specialty collections.

For performance venues, the operator must possess appropriate licensing for playback of music and video to the public.